Türkiye İnovasyon Haftası 2014 | Turkey Innovation Week 2014


Parallel workshop sessions
Thursday December 4th

Smart Cities: The Road Ahead
Many times when the term “Smart Cities” is mentioned, it is unclear what it means since it is such a broad topic. In this workshop we try to determine what the term “Smart Cities” means in a Turkish context and what experience and expertise Dutch organizations have to offer in order to develop meaningful Smart City strategies.

· Melih Gezer, Novusens
· Berrin Benli, Novusens (download presentation here)
· Jan Wester, TNO (download presentation here)
· Ertugrul Sezik, Urban Matters for All (download presentation here)
· Dr. Guven Fidan, ArgeDOR Information Technologies
· Prof. Dr. Sema Oktug, ITU Computer Engineering Department (download presentation here)
· Moderator: Melih Gezer, Novusens

Preventive medicine
Personalized medicine is already changing the practice of medicine, but it will also play a growing role in the discovery and development of new drugs. Preventive medicine aims to alter behavioral patterns in order to prevent diseases from occurring. Trends and developments will be addressed.

· Prof. Dr. Jacqueline Broerse, Athena Institute
· Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ozturk, Izmir Biomedicine and Genome Center
· Sühendan Adigüzel van Zoelen, TNO liaison officer Turkey (download presentation here)
· Serdar Savas, Gentest (download presentation here)
· Moderator: Rory Nuijens, Science & Technology Officer Dutch Embassy

Several Dutch knowledge institutions are already quite active in Turkey, such as Deltares and KWR. The wish from these institutions is to have a more formal platform/cooperation with Turkish counterparts in order to develop and launch projects, possibly supported by the Turkish ministry of Water. This will be discussed in the workshop.

· Ilse van de Velde, Deltares/NWP (download presentation here)
· Prof Dr. Erdem Gorgun, IO Cevre (download presentation here)
· Mohamed Yossef, Deltares (download presentation here)
· Mirjam Blokker, KWR Watercycle Research Institute (download presentation here)
· Ir. Jos Balendonck, Wageningen University (download presentation here)
· Moderator: Dr. Aslihan Kerc, SU-EN Turkish Water Institute

EIB on Innovfin instrument (download presentation here)

Innovation governance and human capital
The Turkish organisation explicitly asked for an activity regarding career development and the possibility for Turkish high potentials to work, study and perform internships in The Netherlands. This fits to the innovative Brainport Talent Centre initiative of Brainport Development. Next to that, for Turkish key players in the innovation ecosystem, it is very relevant to discuss developments in innovation governance, for which the Brainport region can serve as an inspiration.

· Yvonne van Hest, Brainport Development Eindhoven
· Xavier Weert, Matchbox Strategic Funding
· Moderator: Jeroen Kelderhuis, Head of Economic Department Dutch Embassy

Parallel workshop sessions
Friday December 5th

Food Innovation
The workshop food innovation is mainly focused on the topic healthy living and less focused on the agriculture innovations. In Turkey, the topic of healthy foods (less sugar, less fat, less salt) is increasingly under attention and this is a field in which The Netherlands has ample experience.

· Dr. Taner Dirama, Yıldız Holding R&D
· Sühendan Adigüzel van Zoelen, TNO liaison officer Turkey (download presentation here)
· Dolf Klomp, TNO (download presentation here)
· Moderator: Rory Nuijens, Science & Technology Officer Dutch Embassy

Bioinnovation and illustration of Dutch/Turkish research collaboration
The workshop bioinnovation is focused on all biobased innovations. TNO works together with two Turkish partners in FP7/Horizon 2020 projects on using waste as a resource for biomaterials and functional ingredients. Agricultural waste is abundant in Turkey, but not yet seen as a valuable resource for biomaterials and ingredients.

· Oskar Uzun, VU Medical Centre
· E. Aytunga Arik Kibar, TUBITAK MAM (download presentation here)
· Haluk Hamamci, H2Biyotek, METU, Ankara
· Moderator: Jan Michiel Meeuwsen, TNO Healthy Living

Design for export
Turkey plans, designs, and works for increasing exports from $162 (2012) to $500 billion in 2023. Design is to be considered key in transforming Turkish SME’s from suppliers to OEM’s. Turkish design leadership has to be developed. In this workshop speakers from all over the place will contribute with their experience, exchange ideas and draft a program. Target audience: C-level executives, policy makers, design managers and design researchers.

· Sertac Ersayin, CDO Kale Group, Turkey (download presentation here)
· Theo Groothuizen MSc, RVO (download presentation here)
· Prof Matthijs van Dijk, TU Delft, Yard 9 (download presentation here)
· Hugo Honijk MSc , Honorary Consul Kingdom of the Netherlands in Recife, Brazil/Yard 9 (download presentation here)
· Moderator: Gerbrand Bas, Yard 9