Türkiye İnovasyon Haftası 2014 | Turkey Innovation Week 2014


Turkey Holland Business Forum as part of Turkey Innovation Week thanks to Holland Partner Country

Turkey Holland Business Forum aims at building and strengthening ties between Turkish and Dutch business, innovation and R&D communities.

In its goal to become a leading actor in the global economy in 2023 innovation is a major priority for Turkey. The innovation week will bring together experts in science, technology, marketing, design, urban planning, business, industry and energy, sharing knowledge and experience with other participants. This year’s edition is the fourth in a row, with Izmir, Ankara and Gaziantep being the other hosts of likewise events.

Turkey Innovation Week- TIM
Leading in the Turkey Innovation Week is The Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM, founded in 1993 and serving as an umbrella organization for the exporting firms of its 52.000 members). Professionalization, research and addressing the needs of their members at the highest levels is their core business.

2023 Strategy
The Republic of Turkey aims to reach an export volume of 500 billion $ (2014: 156 bln) and 1 trillion $ foreign trade volume in 2023, the year its celebrates it hundredth’s anniversary. In order to achieve this impressive growth a new strategy focusing on added value of its products through innovation and design will have to be implemented.

This new strategy, to which Turkish business, research and politics are deeply committed, offers interesting opportunities for the innovative Dutch industry and knowledge institutes. The Netherlands, being partner country of the 2014 and 2015 Innovation Weeks, offers a wide array of business, R&D and design related innovations of which Turkish counterparts could benefit. Ranking among the top 5 countries in the Global Innovation Index, The Netherlands presents itself as the ideal partner for Turkey in its efforts to become an innovation leader.