Türkiye İnovasyon Haftası 2014 | Turkey Innovation Week 2014



ING is a global financial institution of Dutch origin, currently offering banking, investment, life insurance (NN Group) and retirement services. We draw on our experience and expertise, our commitment to excellent service and our global scale to meet the needs of a broad customer base, comprising individuals, families, small businesses, large corporations, institutions and governments. Our strengths include our relatively high customer satisfaction levels, solid financial position, multi-channel distribution strategy and international network. Moreover, ING is a sustainability leader in its sector.
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As one of the world’s largest professional services providers we offer our customers and partners over 30 years’ experience in the field of strategy, concept, product, brand and service & policy development. We distinguish between five stages: thorough reframing, original concepting, desirable styling, hard-core engineering and appropriate retailing. With over 140 professionals we manage the entire process from concepting and ideation to strategy and policy and from engineering to prototyping and production support.
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Turkije Instituut

The Turkije Instituut (Turkey Institute), located at Leyden University was founded in 2007 and aims to increase knowledge of Turkey among a broad Dutch audience. Turkey is a vibrant country of increasing economic importance with a vital geostrategic position. It borders on both Europe and the Caucasus as well as the Middle East. Moreover, approximately 400.000 Dutch citizens of Turkish background live in the Netherlands. Relations between the Netherlands and Turkey, particularly in the economic field, have intensified during the past few years. Consequently, the demand for comprehensive and objective information on Turkey has increased. The institute serves as a central hub where demand for information and supply of knowledge and expertise meet.
For more information see www.turkije-instituut.nl


TNO is an independent innovation organisation. TNO connects people and knowledge to create innovations that sustainably boost the competitive strength of industry and the welfare of society. TNO focuses its efforts on seven themes including: Healthy Living, Industrial Innovation, Energy/Geological Survey of the Netherlands, Mobility, Built Environment, Information Society and Defence, Safety and Security.
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The Dutch Government

Stimulating business is a priority of the Dutch government and a vital part of its international agenda. In order to be effective, the Dutch government has a worldwide economic network and a number of instruments & services at its disposal. In Turkey, the economic network includes the embassy in Ankara, the Consulate-General in Istanbul and the Netherlands Business Support Office in Izmir. In the Netherlands itself, the Dutch government supports companies on export, investment and innovation with Turkey through the Netherlands Enterprise Agency.

For more information about the Dutch economic network in Turkey, please visit www.hollandturkeytrade.com

For more information about the Netherlands Enterprise Agency and Turkey, please visit www.rvo.nl/onderwerpen/internationaal-ondernemen/landenoverzicht/turkije